Dr. Bradley M. Frezza, N.D.

    Dr. Bradley M. Frezza, ND, MH is a Board Certified Naturopathic Doctor and Master Herbalist in Memphis, Tennessee.  He is the founder and CEO of AHE Inc's, Alternative Health & Beauty.  He is first and foremost a Seventh-day Adventist Christian whose faith and hope is in Jesus Christ and secondly a natural medicine advocate and teacher.
    Dr. Frezza has received diplomas as Doctor of Naturopathy, Certificate in Nutritional Counseling and Master Herbalist from Trinity College of Natural Health in Warsaw, Indiana.  He is a Diplomate in the American Association of Integrative Medicine (DAAIM), is Board Certified in Naturopathy by the American Naturopathic Medical Certification Board, and is a Certified Natural Health Professional. He has also been trained by BioMeridian in EAV/BIM assessment and is a Hydrocolon Therapist.
    Dr. Frezza has lectured extensively at local schools, churches, community centers and private organizations.  He has also appeared on local television news programs, radio shows and has written articles for natural/alternative health magazines.
     His faith is unyielding when it comes to approaching any type of chronic disease with logical explanations, whether it be simply migraines or as extensive as cancer, as opposed to suppressing symptoms that mask and prolong sickness.  The average individual could agree that it is important to identify and eliminate the underlying cause of the disease, rather than concentrate on symptoms alone.

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    Dr. La Tina Epps Thomas, ND is a Naturopathic Doctor, a Health and Wellness Counselor and Certified Yoga Instructor, attaining the title of "200hr Certified Yoga Instructor". 

    Prior to attaining her Naturopathic Doctor degree, Dr. Epps Thomas worked for more than twelve years teaching Yoga, Stress Management and Healthy Living.  One of her students, a stroke victim who suffered with a contorted right arm and the inability to lift his leg despite years of physical therapy, was able to stand up straight, lift his right leg while walking and open his right hand as well as extend the once contorted arm after only six months of training.

    This and other similar experiences led Dr. Epps Thomas to develop a deep and abiding interest in natural approaches to health.  A graduate of the University of Wisconsin-Madison, she continued her educational pursuits  to earn the designation of Doctor of Natural Medicine from  the Trinity School of Natural Health.  
    Dr. Epps Thomas has also worked extensively with medical students sharing natural alternatives, stress management and nutrition.  "God made our bodies to heal themselves!  If we give it the right nutrition, vitamins and supplements, drink plenty of water, exercise and reduce our stress we can reduce or even prevent diseases!  We are worthy of living a beautiful, healthy, abundant life,” she explains.  

    Dr. Epps Thomas is a contributing writer for Southern Soul magazine and has provided her expertise as part of a University of Memphis 8-week yoga program for its football program.  Dr. Epps Thomas is a highly sought after instructor and speaker by major companies including International Paper, the American Heart Association, Cigna, City of Memphis and the University of Tennessee Medical School. 

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