Colon Hydrotherapy

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Dr. Bradley M. Frezza, N.D.

  According to the American Cancer Association, Colon Cancer is now the #2 cause of cancer-induced deaths in the United States.  Many therapists believe that sickness and health begin in the colon.  A healthy colon is fundamental to overall well-being.  The digestive system is designed to process and absorb nutrients and dispose of the non-nutrition residue.  When the colon works properly, the body's systems tend to work properly.  A diet of over-refined foods, additives, sugar and alcohol are just some of the substances that may result in an accumulation of fecal matter and may clog the colon.

    Colonics are also a great way to jump start any weight loss program.  A person of average weight carries between 5 and 20 pounds of dried hard fecal matter in their colon. 

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