($202.06, tax included)
                                                          ($225.00 if Formula A is needed)

This program is designed to give you a complete bowel detox within 8 days that involves a series of 3 colonics and Dr. Bradley M. Frezza's powerful, yet gentle detoxification Formula B. Formula A is only necessary to add to program if the individual does not average at least one bowel movement a day.

Day 1 - Colonic
Day 2 - Colonic
Days 3 through 7 - Follow protocol information packet involving an optional dietary change for the duration of these 5 days and increase water intake. Kangen water available in clinic upon request for $1 a gallon. Just bring in containers in order to fill. Take 15 capsules of Formula B 5 times daily on an empty stomach.
Continue Formula A if added to program.
Day 8 - Colonic

Benefits may include (but are not limited to):
-Increased effectiveness of digestive system
-Increased energy
-Increased ability to absorb vitamins and nutrients
-Maintained regularity (constipation issues resolved)
-Increased fertility
-Maintained pH balance in the bloodstream (a cancer preventative)
-Improved concentration and mental clarity
-Improved immune system
-Resolved breath issues
-Healthier hair, skin and nails
-Improved sense of well-being
-Removal of toxins, yeast and parasites
-Decompression of neighboring organs
-Relief of gynecological disorders
-Reduced pressure in abdominal region, lower extremities and pelvic zone

For in-depth information about colon hydrotherapy, please click on  "Colon Hydrotherapy" under the Services tab.


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8 Day Bowel Detox Program

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