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Sharing the principles of Naturopathic Medicine

My name is David Johnson. I am 63 years old and always enjoyed good health until two years ago. Everything went wrong as something was destroying my body. It started in my groin area, spreading all over my back, chest and then my toe and finger nails. I had lots of pain and frustration. I lost all twenty nails. I went from one doctor to another taking heavy doses of antibiotics, steroids and pain meds. I finally landed in the hospital where I was finally diagnosed with severe psoriasis. I then was put on a cancer medication called methotrexate, then a biologic, lot more pain medicine, frustration, etc.

For over two years, I have not had many good days to say the least. I tried new diets and new prescription meds, which all had limited success. My fingers quit bleeding and swelling, but my feet continued to be a major problem due to shedding skin especially on my soles. Also, I was starting to get more outbreaks all over my body.

Each Doctor treated the disease’s symptoms and not the root of the problem. 60 years I lived without this horror, and after two years of going the traditional medical route, someone told me about Dr. Frezza. I met with him, and he told me about an 8-day colon detox plan and a 5 day liver detox. I googled the colon hydrotherapy program and was able to quickly see that the traditional medical people did not give any merit to this kind of therapy citing that the colon cleanses itself. WELL… am I glad that I did not give the traditional people any merit.

I had my first colonic on a Monday and immediately felt better. One more the following day followed by 5 days of taking Dr. Frezza ’s pills, my psoriasis completely went away on my arms, armpits and legs. My groin area started to look normal, and my feet for the first time looked and felt like they were healing. Furthermore, my energy level went way up. I had my last colonic and was shocked by the amount of stuff that came out. My colon was not cleaning itself like the traditional people said it would do.

I don’t know what the future holds but one thing’s for sure, Dr. Frezza and his great staff will be a part of my journey.

 Thank you for practicing and sharing the principles of Naturopathic Medicine.”


—David Johnson