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Hashimotos, where antibodies attack the body

I felt extremely tired. I was at the point I could not think clearly or process what people were trying to tell me.
I was so run down by 2:00 in the afternoon, I had to have a nap to make it until bed time.  I wasn’t able to do the ministries at my church that I loved. Even singing in the choir was wearing me out.  I was told by doctors that I was depressed and needed to lose some weight.  I had gained 25 pounds since the last year when my dad passed on to heaven.

Then I was told I needed to go on a strict cleansing (shakes mostly for 4 weeks).  So I did those and lost the 25 pounds.  I still felt the same. I felt like I was doing everything I knew to do.  I prayed and was not understanding what I was missing,

I have hashimotos where my antibodies attack my body along with thyroid problems which can make me very tired.  This was worse than ever before, yet my thyroid numbers were showing just fine.  I could sleep well until about 1-2 am.

In June, a friend of mine had heard of Dr. Frezza from a couple of people he had helped.
The first visit was hard, because I was so tired and emotional.  Dr. Frezza was so knowledgeable about the way the body works. I was amazed! I wanted so badly to take in everything he was talking about, but my mind and body were so tired.  He was very kind and answered every question while telling me he really felt he could help.  He had confidence in a plan for me, and that’s what I needed.

He explained everything very thoroughly.  I never felt that he pushed and pressured me to buy anything.  He even told me think about the information and read some of the material, and he would work with me however I wanted. I was very excited to find someone that seemed to understand my system and why I was having all this tiredness and brain fog.  To him, it was just some simple things my body needed.

I stayed on my thyroid meds, but he added ‘Iodoral’. I still was not doing as good as wanted, so I was ready for the next step. He added Standard Process ‘Adrenal Support’. My life is now back to the way I used to feel.  I feel good again!  I think so much clearer, I am happy and I have better energy levels.

In September, I had my blood work done. My doctor said we needed to cut my meds down from 90mg to 60mg!  She was very happy with ‘Iodoral’ and how Dr. Freeza had helped me.

I also take Dr. Frezza’s ‘Sleep Aid Formula’ and ‘Diatomaceous Earth.’  I love these products!

I now have eyelashes and fuller eyebrows! This started happening in about a month, and it just keeps getting better.  Another product I added to my regimen is the ‘Brain Formula.’  When I go out and have to speak to my Sunday school class, it is a must!  I have taken the ‘Depression, Anxiety and Mood Balance Formula’ a couple of times.  It takes the edge off during tough emotional times.

I am so very happy with the results of the products and the help I have received by Dr. Frezza along with the office manager, Shannon!  I thank God truly for both of you and the help you have given me in getting my health back.”

—Lisa Walker