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We present to you a few personal testimonials compiled over the years by some of Dr. Frezza’s valued clients.

Marketers may call it “social proof,” but here we call it:  “A helping hand to the community.”

Each and every individual’s experience counts, and we want to hear about it. ALWAYS!

After having stomach issues for years, countless appointments with a gastrointerologist and over the counter medications that didn’t work, My husband and I decided it was time to look into naturopathic medicine in order to find something that could help. I did a Google search and quickly found Dr. Frezza’s name.

I read a few amazing reviews online and decided to give him a call. After speaking to him on the phone for well over an hour, he not only gave me various ideas to help with my stomach issues, but he also took the time to discuss my overall health and what might be causing the issues.

Dr. Frezza quickly solved my stomach issues and helped me become a healthier person. It is now 6 years later, and whenever a medical question arises with my husband, my children or myself, we immediately turn to Dr. Frezza. He cares deeply about his patients and wants the best for them. I feel very thankful that his name popped up on my Google search and I am forever grateful for everything he has done for us. There’s no one I can recommend more.

Sheera Graber


On May 7, 2016 at the Baptist hospital emergency room Memphis, I was told I had endometriosis cancer.  It was scary to hear, but I instantly made up my mind to not accept it and not to worry about it because, I knew someone who was bigger than cancer itself… On November 30th, 2016 Kendrick and I met with Dr. Frezza, November 30, 2016 for a consultation to do The Incurables Program….  I could feel and see toxins leave my body… Praise God for His healing power, and thank God for Dr. Frezza for believing in the natural way of healing. On January 30, 2017 the day of my follow up exam, Dr. (name to remain anonymous) told me, “Everything looks good for now.  Come back in three months, to keep check, when you gain your strength back perhaps you will change your mind about chemo.  It will be good for you………”

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Katherine Ross


My daughter’s immune system bottomed out last year, and she came down with a small case of molluscum contagiosum on her arm. It then spread to her side, thighs and back of her legs. It got BAD. I was using apple cider vinegar and covering it over night to eat them away, but it caused her to have these big sores. She had at least a 100 or more. I did research after research with no cure and took her to 3 doctors. They all said the same thing… ‘Just let it run its course. It could take up to 2-3 years. They are harmless.’ But who wants that? So I got some colloidal silver from Dr. Frezza’s clinic that I was referred to by my cousin. She had already been on probiotics for 4+ months, but they didn’t ever budge the molluscum contagiosum. Every morning I gave her the colloidal silver. It has been about a month and a half now, and they are ALL GONE!! I feel like this solution could help so many people!

Sara Kornegay


My name is David Johnson. I am 63 years old and always enjoyed good health until two years ago. Everything went wrong as something was destroying my body. It started in my groin area, spreading all over my back, chest and then my toe and finger nails. I had lots of pain and frustration. I lost all twenty nails. I went from one doctor to another taking heavy doses of antibiotics, steroids and pain meds. I finally landed in the hospital where I was finally diagnosed with severe psoriasis. I then was put on a cancer medication called methotrexate, then a biologic, lot more pain medicine, frustration, etc.

 For over two years, I have not had many good days to say the least. I tried new diets and new prescription meds, which all had limited success. My fingers quit bleeding and swelling, but my feet continued to be a major problem due to shedding skin especially on my soles. Also, I was starting to get more outbreaks all over my body.

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David Johnson


Dr. Frezza has a phenomenol business. It’s geared toward natural health and his products work well. I really enjoy taking the Heart Tonic along with the Brain Tonic. Dr. Frezza is my nauropathic doctor of choice, and he is wonderful!

Latanya Able


Before I started taking the herbal product Depression, Anxiety & Mood Balance Formula, I was experiencing sleepless nights.  I was also experiencing severe muscle pain along with tics in my head, my face and my neck.  I decided to go to Alternative Health & Beauty to take advantage of the colon hydrotherapy service in which I had great results.  I mentioned to Dr. Frezza how I was feeling, and he recommended this formula.  Honestly, this is a miracle in a bottle.  I feel so much better!  Everyone at my job notices a difference in me.  I also lost 7 pounds since I started taking it in conjunction with dietand exercise.  I recommend this product to anyone that is experiencing anxiety, depression and muscle pain.  I finally found a product that is safe and very effective.  IT WORKS!

Afiya Lockett


I suffer from PVST (paroxysmal supraventricular tachycardia), and when an attack comes on it is very scary.  I will get dizzy, lose my balance, have difficulty breathing and will sometimes pass out.  I will get to the refrigerator as quickly as possible, sometimes having to crawl on my hands and knees to take a teaspoon of Dr. Frezza’s Heart Tonic.  It almost immediately stops the attack and calms me down.  I don’t ever want to be without it.  Thank you for shipping it to me in Michigan.

Audrey Hartley


Good morning Dr. Frezza! I wanted to write to thank you for your helpful advice. Recently, I was in your office For a foot detox and I asked for advice. I was about to travel to parts of Europe and Africa (Mozambique & Cape Town) and I wanted something to help me avoid becoming ill.  Immediately you recommended colloidal silver and thieves oil. I purchased both items.

Before my trip I started to use both. I put the colloidal silver under my tongue, in my bottled water, and used it on my skin before using lotion. Thieves I put a drop on my tongue (it’s strong so have water nearby) and I put drops on my wrists. Once I arrived at my location I would put colloidal silver all over after a shower because of the fear of contaminated water. Many of my friends got sick on this trip. I did NOT!! We all took the necessary immunizations but the colloidal silver and thieves saved me from getting sick. I’ve even noticed that a skin issue that I was having prior to my trip is going away.


Pamela Wilson


“I felt extremely tired. I was at the point I could not think clearly or process what other people were trying to tell me… I was told by doctors I was depressed and needed to lose some weight… I have hashimotos, thyroid problems, (constant waking at night)… Dr. Frezza was so knowledgeable about the way the body works! I was amazed!… To him, it was just some simple things my body needed… He added ‘Iodoral’ and then ‘Adrenal Support’… My life is now back to the way I used to feel. I feel good again!

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Lisa Walker


I visited Dr. Frezza after hearing glowing reviews from friends and co-workers. After trying the ionic detox foot bath, I noticed no more leg and knee pain. I have very little cartilidge in my right knee, and it affects my entire right side. The pain has been greatly reduced. I saw orange and black stuff that had been pulled from my feet. It was scary! I am so glad I was introduced to Alternative Health & Beauty. Dr. Frezza is very informative. I’m sharing with all my friends. Thank you, Dr. Frezza.

Barbara Thomas


I had a terrible earache for at least 2 months or more. It was swollen shut and stopped up almost daily with fluid. My wife treated my ear with colloidal silver from Dr. Frezza’s clinicWithin 3 to 4 days, my ear was back to normal and the infection has not returned. I was very impressed and highly recommend it

Ed Land


I have taken advantage of the ionic detox footbath twice now at Alternative Health & Beauty. I suffer with edema, fatigue, circulation problems and constipation. These foot baths have reduced some of the problems associated with swelling up and feeling drained on a regular basis. It gave me an all around good sense of well-being.

James Williams


High grade sarcoma with malignant fibrous histiocytoma type present in the skeletal muscle
Dr. Frezza recommended that I do the “Incurables Program” by Dr. Richard Schulze.  It is an intense 30 day detox fast and cleanse….  I lost approximately 22 pounds in 40 days.  I was beginning to feel so good.  You would think that you would be so weak you couldn’t walk, but actually it is the other way.  I had lots of energy!!!…  I continued the fasting and cleanse along with going every week to have my colon cleaned at Dr. Frezza’s office…  As of today, I stand here claiming my total healing and restoration

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Teresa Haley


I was suffering from Premature Ventricular Contractions (PVCs) for several years.  They were so pronounced that I had difficulty sleeping.  They would even wake me up from a sound sleep.  My doctors either could not do anything to relieve them or wanted me to take medications that I refused because of the side effects that they caused.


I tried Dr. Frezza’s “Heart Tonic”, and in three days, they were completely gone.  Having retired from the medical profession as a Nurse Anesthetist, most of my health dealings were from a “modern medicine/pharmaceutical” approach.  I was quite skeptical at first, and when I ran out of my bottle of Heart Tonic, I decided to see if the PVCs corrected on their own or if the Heart Tonic actually was responsible.  After about a week or so without the tonic, the PVCs came back.  When I got a new bottle of Heart Tonic and started taking it, they disappeared again.

I am convinced that the Heart Tonic is responsible for my healing
.  I have taken many other products that Dr. Frezza makes and/or offers for sale in his office and have been amazed at the results.

Richard F.